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Airwave K4+ adid = 28410

Aviation Photo number 34366
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Gliders, For Sale | ?2000 ono

Airwave K4+ in good condition, with detachable keel for power unit use. It has been converted to Finsterwalder uprights so replacements are avalible.There is one patch repair where the previous owner sent his propeller through the wing, it was patched profecionally. The wing is in good condition considering its age, it has had very little use in the years it has lived. The wing has a few scuffs as you would expect from a used wing. The glider fly?s as it should and comes with the owners manual and the batten profile?
Contact me at my email:

priced low for a quick sale due to working abroad.

We only sell 10 pieces with 2000 pounds.
Send keith walker a Secure Message. Contact Details 07763224484
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