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New Forum For Northern Aviators Inc Scotland & Ire adid = 28569

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Northern Aviators have been going some time now and we have just published our new forum on the web.

We have now got a new inclusive forum for pilots of Light Aircraft, Microlights, GA, Autogyros, Helis, and Paramotors for Pilots in the North of the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Eire.

The aim is to encourage and support aviation matters up north and to keep everyone informed of what's on with Fly Ins, events, social and otherwise in the more desolate areas of the British Isles!

It doesn't matter what you fly, or even if you don't fly. The aim is to bring aviators together for flying and fun. There is also a link to AFORS.

You can join the forum (completely free) on the link below. Over 340 pilots so far have joined us.

This is what we get up to

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