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Homebuilt Help DVD's

Save a fortune on buying from US, exceptionally good value and useful for anyone building or intending to build a homebuilt, or even just hours of entertainment!!

DVD are:

Building CH750 Fuselage Part 1 (2cds)
Building CH750 Fuselage Part 2 (2cds)
Building CH750 Horizontal Tail (2cds)
Building CH750 Slats and Flaps (1cd)
Building CH750 Wings (2cds)
Building CH750 Finishing (2cds)

Building a Glass Panel (1cd)
UL Power Engine Installation (2cds)
Metal Working 101 (1cd)
Electrical Wiring 101 (1cd)
Homebuilt Help Video Catalogue (1cd)

Great saving, loads of tips and tricks.

Cash on collection or will post on receipt of cleared funds and postage.

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