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Jodeldr1050ambassadeur 1/4share ?5000*west Sussex* adid = 28799

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups, Jodel DR1050 | ?5000

Jodel DR1050 Ambassadeur 1/4 share for sale.

Factory built

For sale due to changing personal circumstances is my share in this wonderful LAA Permit aircraft based at Slinfold, West Sussex, also known as Wellcross Grange Farm. Slinfold is marked on the half mil chart, by the south west corner of the Gatwick zone.

Fitted with a Continental O-200.

Looking for someone to take over who is engineering minded and/or keen to help with maintenance.

Total airframe hours 3708. Total engine hours 1549, (579 STOH). (Increasing as used regularly)
King radio and transponder (Mode C), Narco VOR, Aware GPS, lightweight starter, magnetos recently overhauled, long permit, healthy engine fund.

Excellent availability, always hangared.

Monthlies are ?85, hourly is ?56 wet based on engine start to stop time. Share price ?5000
Send Ben Gundry a Secure Message. Contact Details Ben 07772326498
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