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Robin 440 Engine adid = 28898

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Fly-in, For Sale | ?300

For sale is Robin 440 Engine. The engine is complete with carbs/fuel pump/ignition unit/exhaust plus manifold. The engine starts and runs sweet as shown in the video: It is rated as 50HP engine,I bought the engine of a guy called 'Ian Brewster' in the UK,Ian rebuilds and sells these engines.The engine has only 18hrs run time since the rebuild and so it is a shame to be selling it though it is no use to me! Here is a link to the manual I found online: Note: That the prop and prop drive system are not included in the sale. Selling this engine as I am replacing it with a 330 Robin and would except a swap,mail me with info if interested! Best of luck!postage can be arranged at additional cost!
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