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Bolkow Mbb Bo209 Monsun adid = 29058

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Bolkow, Bo209 Monsun | 4750

1/5 SHARE - Bolkow Monsun
Much admired two seat semi-aerobatic C of A Monsun is economical, well-maintained and great to fly. Hangered at Popham and operated by a friendly group that includes an engineer and instructor.

Performance Cruises 113 IAS at 65% with a 5-hour endurance while carrying 170kg.
Airframe: TTA 2290 hours, re-sprayed with original colour scheme 2012.
Engine: Lycoming 150hp O-320. TTE 2290 hours - however, bottom end overhauled in August 2006 at 1611 hours while camshaft was replaced. Good compressions and low oil consumption.
Propeller: Hartzell Constant Speed TTP 120 hours - overhauled 2013.
Note: All times aprox.
Equipment Michel MX170 Nav/Com, PS intercom, Trig Mode S and steam ADF.
More Info & photos at:
Share: ?4750.00 Contact: Steve on 07831 819332
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