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Cfm Streak Shadow With Rotax912 For Sale. adid = 29142

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | CFM, CFM STREAK SHADOW | ?9000

CFM STREAK SHADOW Group A for sale with a Rotax 912 engine,the engine has only 83 hours since new and the total time on the airframe is just 108 hours.This aircraft has an electric start,electric pitch trim and comes with 2 headsets,intercom and icom radio,a spare elevator,new tail skid fitted for the 912 engine,also has the Crosby nylon tail bushes and Crosby undercarriage.The aircraft wings and tail plane are removable for easy storage and transportation,propeller is a 3 bladed Airplast Eco prop.Fuel burn is between 2-2 1/2 gallons an hour of unleaded petrol with a cruise of 80-85 knots.Permit until 11/07/2014.Possible Lynton trailer to be sold separate which was built for the Shadow.Reluctant sale as this is a fun aircraft to fly.

Newly advertised on the 21st March 2014.

SOLD ON THE 22nd MARCH 2014.

Many thanks to AFORS.
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