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Flymap L - The Complete Navigation System. adid = 29199

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale | Flymap, L series | 1500.00

Very High end panel mount navigation system, with touch screen control and menu. Full connectivity to Autopilot, AHRS (image shown), TCAS and FLARM, Weather Radar, Notams, Approach plates, Checklists, flight logs. 6.4" screen with VERY bright variable brightness screen, uses CAA charts.
Comes with Flymap Win flight planning software so flights can be planned at home and uploaded to unit, or program your route on the Flymap L its self. Also allows flight logs to up loaded/downloaded.
Only selling because it has more capability than I can use, therefore its wasted on me and will be of more use to someone that wants to utilise its full functionality. New cost £4140.00
Send Peter Davies a Secure Message. Contact Details 07533 663599
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