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Beechcraft Queenair 70 adid = 29247

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Larger aircraft, For Sale | Beechcraft, 70 | £14,000

This is the last model 70 to be produced. A very serious cabin class twin that was the predecessor to the Kingair. Very nice interior with leather club seating for 7 and a toilet. Has undergone many improvements including updated avionics such as KX165, KX155, new ILS indicator and Garmin mode S. Props replaced new only 2hrs. Left engine 2hrs STOH. Airframe has been worked through, and has new rudder brackets and is in good condition. Wings and tail would benefit from a strip and re-paint.
This is becoming a classic that is very capable for business and pleasure. Available as a ongoing project to finish £14,000 ono. Feel free to call or email Kevin.
Send Kevin Pearce a Secure Message. Contact Details 07775 424276
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