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Alpha Flying Helmet Custom Raf Mk10 - Mk4 Mix 1990 adid = 29392

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Clothing, For Sale | Alpha, Alpha Mk10 | Auction

Coming soon to eBay - a very unusual custom helmet made by Alpha. It looks like a mix of a MK4b4l and an RAF Mk10. It was made in the late 80's or early 90's

Generally speaking the helmet is a civilian Alpha (Civvy version of the RAF Mk10) with some Mk4 features.

Size is Medium Long

Serial Number: 9143-5-90

It has a single tinted visor which locks in the down position. There is a mount for a boom mic.

It also has hooks for a mask. The hooks are typical of a Mk4.

It has a connector for a mask mounted microphone.

There are adjusters at the side to bring the earphones closer to the ears once the helmet is on.

There is a soft cloth cover for the visor.
The visor is in very good condition with a few small scratches.

The comms plug is a UK NATO plug.

The condition looks very good, the only thing that seems wrong is that there was a thin foam lining inside which has largely disintegrated leaving a powdery residue.

I have tested the headphones and they work.

The helmet has not been used or tested for many years, so it must be professionally tested before it may be used for flying.

This helmet was used by a test pilot training school. Training test pilots in the 1980's and 1990's

There are pictures pictures of one very similar and other items in dropbox - please look:

It will be listed for auction on e Bay as soon as I have time to do it:

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