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Robinson R44 - Proposed Share Group At Gloucester adid = 29579

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Helicopters, Shares & Groups | Robinson, R44

Want to own a 4-seat helicopter?

Because of the lack of 4-seat helicopter share groups in the West, I am going to start a Robinson R44 equity share group at Gloucester.

Plans as follows:
1. Helicopter will be available via an online booking system.
2. The cost of the helicopter will be divided into equal shares, preferably 1/8 shares to keep the costs down, maybe 1/4 shares.
3. Scheduled maintenance, hangarage and insurance will be covered by a monthly payment into the group.
4. Unscheduled maintenance will be covered by an equal division of the cost between the group members.
5. To keep our flying costs down to a minimum, we could consider leaseback to one of the three helicopter schools currently at Gloucester.
6. Rebuild costs will be factored into the hourly cost to ensure the value of the helicopter is maintained throughout its life.

If anyone is interested in joining this group, please contact me as soon as possible on 07958 748837.

The share price and hourly costs will be dependent on the purchase price of the helicopter but will be significantly less than self-fly-hire costs.
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