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Shoreham - 2 X Pa28 And Grob Non Equity Group adid = 29590

Aviation Photo number 36557

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

We are a friendly flying group operating out of Shoreham airport. We run three aircraft at the moment 2 x PA28 and A Grob 115

We have our own club room on the airport with free parking.

You are given your own personal login to the E-allocator cloud based booking system so at any time or place you can book the aircraft you need via the internet .?. Simply login, see if it''s free and book the aircraft. A computer terminal in the club room can also be used for bookings & weather etc.

The cost of membership is 40 per month for standard membership or 45 to have access to our modern PA28.

For that you can fly the

Grob 115 95hr inc fuel (Tacho)

PA28 for 125 inc fuel(air time only)

New PA28 130 ph inc fuel (Tacho)

Great availability, no shares to purchase, no financial liability, no hassle and no upfront deposits. Just join the club and fly.

No minimum hours needed to fly with us - New PPLs welcome.

It''s cheap -its hassle free - and you can do it on your own, any time.

Want more information?

Like to join?

Need to speak with someone?

As we are a not for profit low cost flying club we don''t have staff manning telephones so email is our main method of contact.

Visit our website and drop us an email by pressing the contact button on the site. If you leave a telephone number one of our Club volunteers will call.

I look forward to meeting you at the club.

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