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Old Warden Wassmer Baladuo Share adid = 29673

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Wassmer, WA41 Baladuo | 6500

Great tourer based Old Warden (hangared). 4 adults, IFR instrument fit, 105Kts cruise, low hours on Lycoming O-360 180hp. New EASA annual February 2014.

Currently shared by two owners. Hangared at Shuttleworth (Old Warden) in a private hangar. Lovely, historic grass airfield with fuel, internet briefing facilities, engineering services, restaurant, etc. No additional fees for airfield use.

Looking for a further one (possibly two) partners to increase the usage - hence great availability.

New PPL / low hours possible, subject to check-out with an instructor. (For LAA members this can be done under the coaching scheme.)

1/3rd share ?6500 + ?130 pcm (includes airfield use), ?80/tacho hour; or quarter share by negotiation.
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