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1/6 Share In Pa28 Based In Cornwall adid = 29707

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA28-140 | ?3000 ono

1/6 Share for sale in 1969 Piper PA28-140 Cherokee based at RNAS Culdrose (EGDR) in west Cornwall and benefiting from the base?s six runways, ILS/DME and NDB.

The well run friendly group has been operating for 3 years and has an internet booking system and good availability.

A neat 2+2 tourer with over 5 hours endurance and fitted with the larger Lycoming 150 hp engine and MAUW increased to 2150 lbs.
TTAF 10678 TEH 1381 (on condition due to age). Fully IFR (but not Airways) capable.

Com/Nav 1 Narco 12D; Com2/GPS Garmin GNC250 linked to Skyforce Locator II unit; King KR87 digital ADF, King KN64 DME, Trig Mode S transponder and VOR/ILS/DME display.

1/6 Share ?3000 ono

Monthly charge ?70 (To cover insurance, maintenance and contribution to engine fund). Hourly rate (wet) ?70/hr (includes additional ?5/hr contribution to engine fund)

Annual just completed.

Very clean and tidy with good paintwork.
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