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Share Of Boeing 737-800ng Simulator adid = 29771

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Boeing, 737-800 | ?1600-?2000

Would you like to own a share in a 737-800 simulator? An aircraft so well equipped that when the weather is bad it actually makes the flying more fun?

A very realistic, true scale, fixed base sim that is accurate to the last degree with projected visuals, aircraft systems, all the bells and whistles...

I've long had an interest in aviation in general and have worked with the big stuff for nearly 12 years at Gatwick and now at an airline. The acquisition cost of these sims is prohibitive, but the cost to run is just a base and the electricity - which is an awful lot less than the wet stuff...


My goal is to get a few people on board to get the sim built in late 2014, ideally at an airfield but certainly somwhere in the South East UK (think Gatwick, Redhill, Biggin)

Finances are difficult to work out precisely at this stage but loosely assume shares would be in the region of ?1600-?2000.
?25 a month to cover rent of the location.
Top end I reckon around ?20 an hour to fly

No engine overhaul
No annual
No CofA

Have you seen the variety of different flight simulator experiences out there on the market? Have you seen what they charge per hour?

It would be my intention to set up the sim for use to the public (supervised obviously) during downtime. The money made from this will go towards upkeep and running of the sim itself further lowering the cost of ownership. Even 5 hours a month at ?100 an hour (which is less than half the price of anything else out there) is a good deal all round...

I'm not asking anyone for money at this stage - just an expression of interest. Send me an email, let me know if you like the idea and see if we can't get this thing, er, 'on' the ground...

If real flying is the only way for you, I understand, thanks for reading but if you know anyone that would find this interesting, kindly point them in this direction. They might even let you have a go one day.
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