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Starduster Too, Goodwood Based. adid = 29824

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Stolp, SA300 | ?3000

Regretful sale of eighth share in lovely Stolp Starduster Too. Two seat open cockpit gentle aerobatic biplane. This aeroplane is in great condition and is carefully maintained on an LAA permit. Very experienced, sensible, considerate group members. The standing charge is ?75/month to cover hangarage at Goodwood. Membership of Goodwood and the LAA is required. The aeroplane does require tailwheel experience, but is a docile taildragger and conversion to type will be arranged for new group members. There is plenty of availability. Please phone Nigel Cowley 07970 435352
Send Nigel Cowley a Secure Message. Contact Details 07970435352 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi, I am interested in the share for sale in your aircraft. I have around 1000 hours tail wheel on Cubs, Pitts S2A and S2B, Yak50 and others. No accident record and have been based at Goodwood in the past. Regards, Dennis

A1 Hi Dennis, If you want to have a chat then ring me or text me your number and I will phone you. Cheers, Nigel

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