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Kitfox Trailer Project adid = 29859

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Transport and Trailers, For Sale | 300

This trailer has been made to carry a Kitfox aircraft. It is 25 foot long and 6 foot wide. The steel rails down the center roll of the back of the trailer to allow for loading the aircraft and then winched forward and pulling down the rails to then lift the plain up. The center steels then locate in position and a steel pin secures the rail. It has 4 brand new tyres but has 2 different wheel sizes, the front are 13 inch and back are 14 inch. The tyres are different profile''s to even up the overall diameter. All the wheel bearings have been cleaned and greased. The brakes are not connected and 2 off them will need installing, I have a box of brake parts, shoes etc. Lights are required although to get it home I will include a trailer light board.
I made this trailer over a year ago and it has just been waiting for me to buy a plane which has not happened. It should with a little finishing of be good for its intended purpose or modified for some other use. The axles look very strong and should take a lot of weight.
Sadly for me I have spent a lot of money and time getting it to this stage.
Collection is from Ruthin North Wales.
Send Glyn Newell a Secure Message. Contact Details 07713242435 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Glyn ! May you tell me, how would your trailor get the mot? Thanks George

A1 awaiting answer

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