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Sandy World Record Flyin In Aid Of Hospice adid = 30103

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Fly-in, For Sale

On Saturday 28 June 2014 (subject to weather) A Guinness World Record attempt for the most take offs and landings in a Microlight, this will take place at Sandy airfield, which is home to Bedford Microlight Airsports. This will mean climbing to a height of 1000feet above the airfield before being able to descend. 60 minutes to achieve as many circuits, take offs, and landings as possible in a 20-meter box on the runway.

All money raised will go to a local hospice which supports children in Herts, Beds and Bucks

During the record attempt, Bedford Microlight Airsports will be hosting a hog roast, evening entertainment and a licensed bar. People are welcome to fly in or drive, camp over or stay at the local hotel.
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