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Aerosport Triking (aerocycle) adid = 30181

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Aerosport, Aero | POA

Aerosport Triking. Sick of watching the windsock thrash itself to shreds from the clubhouse?.Well it won,t bother this 3 pointer.
Triking built by Aerosport in 2014 with test run miles only.Fitted with Moto Guzzi 1100cc efi engine,and 5 speed sequential box with Nova reverse gearbox.Finished in Brewster Green with Barley trim.Built to a high spec. with bespoke magnolia faced instrumentation,Stainless rims and gremica race calipers.7" stainless headlamps.Ready to drive.
Full spec. and details 07831 817992 or via website contact,
Send Mark Cottam a Secure Message. Contact Details 07831 817992

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