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Airpark Plot With Hangar, Sweden, Reduced, Sold!!! adid = 30321

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Property, For Sale | 89,000 gbp

Reduced in price due to strong pound.

Large plot with hangar for sale, front-line to runway 14, at Siljan Airpark, central Sweden. The plot is on a quiet edge of the airpark, with its own forest to the rear. The 12 m x 10 m hangar (approx 36 foot x 30 foot) is wooden clad, with a concrete floor, 2 double windows, and an asphalt apron direct to the runway. Space for a large house next to the hangar. Water and electric connections in place. Siljan Airpark is a beautiful, multinational, active airpark, with club activities, fly-ins, parties, and a great community spirit. Contact Anna: 0031647237635

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