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Rotax 582 Radiator adid = 30410

Aviation Photo number 38208
Views so far = 3540

Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Rotax | ?40.00

I have an almost new rotax radiator for a Mainair or P& M Blade 582.
The radiator is suitable for a 582 engine and came off my blue top version.The radiators are handed and this one is for the left side as you look at the pusher propellor. I'm asking ?40 plus postage for this rad. They are horrendously expensive elsewhere so this is a very reasonable price. Thee radiators are prone to failure if not supported correctly and the soldered joints can fail. If you have a 582 water cooled engine this would be great to have around as a back up !
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Q1 Hi There is the rad still for sale ???

A1 awaiting answer

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