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Flyinginireland/nmai Fly-in Aug 2nd/3rd-limetree adid = 30500

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Fly-in, For Sale

It's all systems go for the fly-in on August 2nd/3rd at Limetree Airfield. There will be food available throughout the weekend (similar to last year). On Saturday evening there will be live music and a bar in the hangar. We will have aerobatic displays throughout the weekend and we are delighted that the Dublin based Search and Rescue Sikorsky S92 will visit us on Sunday afternoon. Of course the airfield should be buzzing with activity throughout the weekend with a wide range of different aircraft expected.

We will have a spot landing competition and a timed circuit competition on Saturday afternoon. Details can be found in the briefing pack. Prizes will be awarded on the Saturday evening. A briefing pack has been put together with airfield information, frequencies, competitions, accomodation etc. See

We look forward to seeing you over the weekend!
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