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2001 Boeing Business Jet adid = 30933

Aviation Photo number 39219
Views so far = 8755

Larger aircraft, For Sale | Boeing, B737-EJBJ | $20,000,000

Total Time: 3,778.5 Hours
Total Landings: 1,486

Engines: CFM56-7B Left Right
SERIAL NUMBER 888369 888371
TOTAL TIME 3,778.5 3,778.5
TOTAL CYCLES 1,486 1,486
Limiter / Cycles Remaining: 8,814 cycles (HPT rotor disc)

Honeywell 131-9(B) S/N P-5952
Total Time: 6,423 Hours
Cycles: 3,378

This BBJ has seating for thirty-three (33) passengers. There are four separate cabin areas consisting of a passenger lounge with meeting area, dining and conference suite, private stateroom and a full galley. Forward, just behind the cockpit, is a full service galley, passenger lavatory and separate crew lavatory. Proceeding aft is a passenger lounge with seating for sixteen (16), as well as a meeting area with seating for eight (8) in a double club configuration. Further aft is a separate dining and conference area featuring a four (4) place conference group opposite a three (3) place divan. The final aft cabin is a private stateroom featuring a queen-sized bed, seating for two (2) in a club configuration and full lavatory with shower/vanity.

White with accent stripes of dark blue and light blue.

Communication: Triple Gables Radio Tuning Units, Dual Collins HF Transceivers, Triple Collins VHF
Navigation: Five Tube Multi Function EFIS, Flight Dynamics Heads-Up Display, Enhanced Ground Prox Warning System EGPWS, Dual Collins Radio Altimeters, Single Collins Weather Radar with Windshear
Capabilities: Single Collins TCAS II Computer, Dual Collins Transponders/VOR/DME/ADF Receivers, Dual Collins VOR/Marker Beacon Receivers, Dual Smith Flight Management Systems, Dual Multi Mode Receiver with GPS/ ILS, Teledyne Airborne Data Loader, Smith Auto Throttle System

Escape Path Lighting
Life Rafts
Overwater Equipment

Additional Features:
Six (6) Fuel Tanks
Information System with EFB Class 3
Communication with Navlink SATCOM, WLAL
Internet and Cabin Telephone System Entertainment: Airshow 400, Pioneer CD Changer,
2 Pioneer DVD Players, Samsung VCR, 4 Rosen
14" LCD Multimedia Monitors, 3 Photonics 24"
LCD Monitors

Weight & Capacity:
Maximum Take Off Weight: 171,000 LBS
Maximum Landing Weight: 134,000 LBS
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: 126,000 LBS
Operating Empty Weight: 96,930 LBS
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