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Hangar Tent For Folding Fix Wing Microlight adid = 30969

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Hangarage and Tie down space, For Sale | ?650

This tent was build to house initially a Shadow Microlight on an open trailer and subsequently an Easy Raider. Its about 25 feet long and 7.5 feet wide. The structure uses galvanised steel tubes held together using the ParkerSteel Kee Klamps system. The covering was made by a company who make lorry covers in heavy duty plastic fabric, in two pieces, roof and walls. The main door and a side 'personnel' entrance use heavy duty zips. Its currently dismantled and will be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to re-erect. Some of the steel poles are 21 feet long. Buyer collects Located near Maidstone Kent
Send Robert Armstrong a Secure Message. Contact Details 07810 358153