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Sold... Gauges, Helmets, Chargers, Gloves, Suits adid = 31047

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Miscellaneous, For Sale

NOW SOLD...The following is listed for sale on Ebay:

Westberg Westach RPM/EGT gauge (from Rotax 582) 5.5cm hole Item: 321525122832

Mikuni Kogyo Twin output vacuum pulse fuel pump (Rotax 582/503) Item: 321525135838

Lynx Microlight Helmet - Large (white)
Item: 321525149707

Lynx Avionics Charger - microlight aircraft communications system (Microsystem)
Items: 321525192282 & 321525189168

Item picture

Silva Type 70 dash mounted ball compass (fit 8cm hole) Item: 321525138468

Winter Air Speed Indicator (fit 5.5cm hole) MPH Item: 321525116747

Item picture

Airzone Microlight Helmet with airdam - Medium (white/cream) Item: 321525156235

Item picture

Quechua - children - ski suit (grey with orange trim) Age 8 (122/133 cm) Item: 321525200203

Item picture

Key West Voltage Regulator 12volts (model 9400-0013) Item: 321525132030

Item picture

Twin EGT Temperature Gauge and probes (fit 5.5cm hole) Item: 321525108402

Item picture

Ozee microlight pilot over mittens (black) Item: 321525183851

Item picture

Westach Twin CHT Temperature Gauge (Rotax 582/503) Item: 321525127426

Item picture

Balero microlight pilot flying suit (small) blue with yellow trim. Item: 321525211756

90 degree bend - Rotax 503 exhaust
Item: 321525141266

Item picture

Ozee flex-wing microlight bar mitts (black) (Clothing & apparel) Item: 321525168195

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