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Flexwing Hangarage Available - Herts / Essex adid = 31161

Aviation Photo number 45730
Views so far = 4779

Hangarage and Tie down space, Clubs & training

Due to an increase in capacity negotiated with our landlord, Hunsdon Microlight Club now has vacancies for semi-rigged flexwings.

Situated within easy reach of north east London, just outside the M25 near Harlow & Ware, We have a thriving club environment & three good grass runways of 350-400 meters.

Hangarage is in a dry barn with the wings rigged, off the trike & on a dolly.

Please see our website for contact details (Rob Parker, Barry Cook or Paul Eastlake)
Send Hunsdon Microlight Club a Secure Message. Contact Details See Website