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Sport Aviation Magazine 1998 – All 12 Issues adid = 31369

Aviation Photo number 39995
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Miscellaneous, For Sale

Sport Aviation Magazine 1998 – all 12 issues
Full year’s issues for 1998, all in good condition.
Examples of some of the articles:

Jan – The MG-2, My Modified T18, Mike & Dick’s Round the World Friendship Tour
Feb – Curtiss P-6E Hawk, Pietenpol Sky Scout, Wright Experience
March – Gizmo, The Lucas L-7
April – CarterCopter Update, Chuck Jeager, Duane & Barbara Hitchcock’s Lancair 320
May – Aviat Aircraft’s S-1-11B, Better Way to Fly, Annual Skiplane Fly-in
June – Sun ‘n Fun 1998, Jim Clements’ Tri-gear Tailwind, Building a Powered Parachute
July – The P-63 King of the Cobras, Sky Rocket 3
Aug – The Sonex, Roll Damping, The Maroon Marauder
Sept – Images of EAA Airventure, Aircraft Building ( Electrical Systems Simplified)
Oct – The Midget Mustang Turns 50, From Madrid to EAA Airventure
Nov – “Designed It, Built It, Flew It”, Reno Air Races
Dec – Percival Provost, Fuel Handing Safety

£20 all 12 issues including postage
Send Dave Squire a Secure Message. Contact Details 01726 883260