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Bailey V5s Matrix adid = 31759

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Powered paracending, For Sale | Bailey, Matrix | 5200

Up for sale is my stunning bailey 4 stroke v5s MATRIX with 7 hours on it !! Giving you hours of hassle free flying !! No mixing of oil !! And the reliability of a 4 stroke !!! Also fitted with the quick release E prop !! RRP is 5925 and sold with warranty
Why not px your old v5

Also I have a new v5s in stock

If you dont like the colour the outer hoops can be changed to black gold or blue

And I also have the new hornet for demo, which Im taking orders for.

Please contact me on: 07973 678070 Danny

I have other kit for sale - Wings etc.

Thinking of learning to fly we do training courses as well !!!

Cash on collection preferred
Send danny hubbard a Secure Message. Contact Details Danny