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Cessna For Sale 152 adid = 31810

Aviation Photo number 40726
Aviation Photograph 1
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Larger aircraft, For Sale | Cessna, 152 | 38000 to negotiation

Description :
Two seat aircraft in good condition.
Total time 7300 hours
Maintain in PART 145 and CAMO
MOGAS Approved

Engine Lycoming O-235.
Overhaul in 09.2012, remaining 1900 hours + Extension
Propeller Mc Cauley overhaul 06.2013

Avionics VOR
Transponder RT-359A (black)
Cessna RT-385A Nav/Com (black).

Remarks Current ARC valid until 11.06.2015
Price to negotiation
Please contact my on: Or
Price 38000 to negotiation

Check Webside :,68?lang=1
Send Damian Zdybicki a Secure Message. Contact Details 00353851023436 Ask a Question


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