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Cessna 150 Share G-brnc - Sandtoft Airfield adid = 31906

Aviation Photo number 40890
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cessna, 150 | 3500

Cessna 150 Share G-BRNC

1/5 share in a lovely well maintained Cessna 150M hangared at Sandtoft airfield (EGCF)
MX170C Nav/Com, Bendix King KR87 ADF & KN64 DME, Glideslope/Localizer, Garmin Mode C Transponder. Instructor in group.

Low time engine. 3500 ono. (possible nego.)
90.00 monthly 20.00 dry per hour.
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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Just came across your advert, currently learning to fly (PPL A) and been looking at the idea of a share to try and reduce the cost+meet other pilots. Would it be possible for myself to be part of the group and fly with your instructor until qualified? Kind Regards Neil

A1 awaiting answer

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