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Safe Usb Power Without The Interference adid = 31937

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale

Looking to charge / power your USB device whilst in the air?

Have problems with radio/intercom/avionics interference or reduced sensitivity?

Bought a charger (or even tried a few) and found your devices did not charge as they should?

The ubiquitous generic plug-in chargers were not designed for aviation, with many design compromises, poor or no safety features, poor voltage regulation, and more often then not horrendous RF interference. Interference isn't just a problem for your radio comms, the noise can reduce the sensitivity of comm radios and Nav aids too. They were designed for short term use to charge a battery and not provide power for extended periods.

Charge2 and Charge4 are smart universal USB power supplies / chargers, specifically designed to deliver safe and optimal power to USB devices in EASA, UKGA, Light Aircraft / Microlight (LAA), Gyrocopter, or US Experimental Amateur Built (EAB) class aircraft operating on 12v or 24v.

They are also ideal for powering PilotAware units as the low RF does not impact the performance of the PilotAware Bridge radio, and can also power/charge your tablet of choice at the same time.

Highlights of the units are;

Can be installed in EASA aircraft under CS-STAN Issue 2; For installations in EASA aircraft your engineer will need to follow the MOD available on the website and complete an EASA form 123.

Low RF footprint; the RF signature of the units is very low. Some example comparative measurements of emissions are available on the website.

Safety features; with protection for reversed power input, over voltage and under voltage, thermal shutdown, port independent output short circuit/fault detection and isolation, and active monitoring of ports.

Universal device support; the chargers are smart and will correctly charge phones, smart phones, tablets, GPS units etc. without the need for cheater cables, dongles, or other tricks. Each port is independent, so different makes of devices can be charged alongside one another.

Custom profile support; Bespoke charging profiles can be entered to enable support for devices that do not conform to any of the standards or require something special. In theory what ever device comes along, a profile can be generated to cater for it.

High Power; delivering up to 12 Watts (2.4 amps) per port for power hungry smartphones / tablets, low standby power consumption of 40mA

Diagnostic Port; USB serial port on the rear, which provides real time information on port status and power drawn.

Please see the website for full details and specifications.
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There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 I have a rectanglular hole in panel after removal of Porcine GPS Smart Coupler, wondering if your Charger 2 Panel Mount will fit. I am surprised not to find dimensions of your units on your website.

A1 There should be links to the dimensions on the support page. If you need more info drop me an email.

Q2 Will your units correctly charge a GoPro hero 4

A2 Interesting question. Looking at the GoPro website they use a Mini-USB for computer hookup and charging, so it should charge fine. I'll admit I have not physically tested one, if you're around Cambridge (EGSC) / Conington (EGSF) it would be easy to test. *edit* their support page says a USB charger with 1A output is all that is needed, so it should all work OK.

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