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Sky Ranger Wingroot Fairings adid = 32462

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Woods, Classic & Swift Mk1 | £80 Inc. P&P UK - Email for Worldwide p

Sky Ranger Wingroot fairings, designed to fit Classic and Swift Mk1 (Not Nynja)

Simple to fit, also approved and included in BMAA HADS 4

Supplied with full fitting instructions and fasteners

Examples fitted in many countries.

White only, but simple to paint.

All enquiries to 07941 325992 or 01487 840539


£80.00 inclusive of P&P to UK
Worldwide postage E-mail for prices
PAYPAL request or bank transfer.

Or send cheque to;

Kevin Woods,
Keyes, Colne Road,
PE28 3DQ
(United Kingdom)

PS. Overseas sales please enquire ref. postage costs
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07941 325992

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