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Hornet Moth Group Seeks Additional Member adid = 32578

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | de Havilland, dH87B Hornet moth | £12,000 for one-fifth share

Opportunity for an additional member join a well-run group flying a beautiful 1936 deHavilland dH87B Hornet Moth G-ADNE "Ariadne" hangared at Oaksey Park. First registered March 1936, S/N 8089

The successful applicant will be an experienced tail-wheel pilot who is prepared to treat our beloved old lady with tender loving care, and can satisfy the existing members of their bona-fides

The Hornet Moth was advertised in the 1930''s by deHavilland as a "Gentleman''s tourer", Ariadne has a 35 I.G. fuel tank, electric starter, Garmin 225 radio with 8.33 kHz spacing, Mode C transponder with altitude encoding and intercom. She has toured extensively around the UK and Europe in recent years

UK Private Category C of A, maintained at Oaksey Park

Fifth share available for £12,000 including share of aircraft, spares and group bank balance. £220 monthly and £78 per hour wet
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details John McMillan 07837 815 269 or
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