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Cessna 172n 1/10th Share, G-bhug, Dunkeswell adid = 32613

Aviation Photo number 42036
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cessna, 172N | 3,600

Based and hangared at Dunkeswell, G-BHUG is an ideal touring aircraft and is comprehensively equipped with recently acquired Garmin 340 Audio Panel and 1x Garmin GNC 255 navcom and 1 x Narco MK12D navcom as backup, both fm immune, with GS, ADF, King KN64 DME, GTX327 transponder with mode C, 5 inch aware box, four place intercom, long range tanks, Cambrai cockpit cover, PLB, 4 x Lifejackets, life raft and 2 Headsets. Engine around 650 hours with fully paid up engine and prop fund. This is a well-managed group with good financial reserves for on-going maintenance. Aircraft fully maintained at Iscavia with Annual just completed.

There is only 1 share is available at 3,600, basic costs are 100 pcm and 85 per hour wet.
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