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Elstree Sr22 Turbo Non Equity Group *no Deposit* adid = 32656

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cirrus, SR22 Turbo GTS

Cirrus SR22 Turbo Flying Group

Welcome to SJ Aviation

SJ Aviation is a small non-equity group for pilots with good experience looking to enjoy flying the superb Cirrus SR22 Turbo GTS based at London Elstree Aerodrome.

In order to fly solo prospective members require a PPL with a minimum 200 hrs and some difference training that can be provided by our Group Manager Ches Cole of

The Cirrus SR22 Turbo

Single-engine, four seat, composite aircraft built by Cirrus Aircraft. It is a more powerful version of the Cirrus SR20, with a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a 310 horsepower (231 kW) engine. It is the world''s best-selling, single-engine, four-seat aircraft every year since 2004.

The aircraft is perhaps best known for being equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), an emergency whole-plane parachute capable of lowering the entire aircraft (and occupants) safely to the ground after a loss of control, structural failure or mid-air collision.


Features twin turbonormalizers and twin intercoolers. Also included with the conversion is built-in oxygen and a Hartzell 3-blade lightweight composite propeller. The turbo version has a certified ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,600m), a maximum cruise speed of 211 knots (391km/h) and a top speed of 219 knots (406km/h).

The aircraft has the latest DFC90 autopilot, TCAS, factory oxygen and deice. Jeppesen electronic charts, NavData and twin Garmin GPS.

FAQs - Cirrus SR22T Flying Group

Here are the most frequently asked questions about SJ Aviation''s Cirrus SR22 Turbo flying group.

Why has the group been formed?

To get together a small number of like - minded pilots that will look after and enjoy flying the fabulous SR22 Turbo. We also hope that the members of the group will become friends and fly with each other from time to time.

What does no equity mean?

You do not have to buy a share as ownership will remain with SJ Aviation. Your responsibility is just to contribute to the fix costs and hourly charge for all the hours you fly.

What will my costs be?

G-SRTT Charges

Group (Non - Equity) Membership 180.00 per month
Flight Time 160.00 p/h dry
Minimum Day Hire 2 hours utilization
Instructor 70.00 p/h

How do I book the aircraft?

We use an online booking system called Goboko. By arrangement you can book the aircraft for periods greater than one day to make longer trips.

How many members will we have?

Our aim is to keep the group small so that there is plenty of availability for everyone to fly.
Send Steven Breslaw a Secure Message. Contact Details 07956286272

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