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Microdrone Md4-1000 Uav (drone) For Sale adid = 32719

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Miscellaneous, For Sale | Microdrone Germany, Md4-1000 | 16000.00 ONO

We are selling our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the Md4-1000, made by German drone manufacturer Microdrone.
The copter is fully operational and suitable for immediate deployment for aerial photography, aerial surveys, inspections etc etc.
The easy to fly professional copter comes complete with two large transport cases, charging station, base unit and rugged laptop and stabilised camera gimbal. The unit is currently registered with the CAA for commercial aerial work. It maybe flown manually or by pre-programming the waypoint mapping system.
For professional mapping services this model has lead the field in aerial work for the past several years.
Controlled from the ground by the 35Mz radio system the copter will send a live video signal to the base station and laptop via the inbuilt 2.4Ghz video downloader. We will also include the Olympus camera and two different lenses and a thermal imaging camera the FLIR 320 albeit we use a canon camera for our work.
For entry into aerial photography and survey business this is a fantastic model. The selling price is 16000,00 ONO and collectable from Northern Ireland.
Send Colin Bailie a Secure Message. Contact Details 07752431036 Ask a Question

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