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Turbofan Engines D-30kp(2) adid = 32926

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Engines & Props, For Sale

Our company " STYRON TRADING INCORPORATION" offers you gas turbine engines D-30 KP, D-30 KP-2 (for airlifter IL-76) for sale.
All proposed engines underwent reconditioning overhaul in accordance with technical requirements.
All operational bulletins are performed.
After the overhaul all engines overcame bench tests and showed the parameters, which completely comply with technical specifications for their exploitation.
Price, which we propose for engines, includes the engine, engineering specifications to it and documents, which allow to exploit the engine during 1(one) calendar year and 330+30 operating hours.
After the abovementioned life of engine (resource) is expired, our company provides resource prolongation every calendar year and every 330 hours till total life of 5000 hours or 1540 cycles, which will be earlier.

In addition our company can organize performing of all types of technical maintenance and troubleshooting on IL-76 aircrafts in Ukraine (at our Air Repairing Enterprise" URARP" )

Attached you will find the complete information regarding proposed engines.

Yours faithfully,
Head of Commercial department

For further information please feel free to contact us any time:
Tel.: +380933112385
Skype: concerntitan03
Send Oleg Bastrykin a Secure Message.
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