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Wheel Spats To Fit Many Types Of Aircraft adid = 32938

Aviation Photo number 42582
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Views so far = 566

Parts For Aircraft, For Sale

Wheel spats to fit

Shadow Rans C42 SSDR Xair Mistral Jodel CTSW Blade Chaser
Eurostar and RV
(Set of Rans in pic below )
Many other spats available

Give me a call on. 07941850996

Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07941850996

There are 19 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Have you got a spinner mould Rotax 462 two blade tractor prop

A1 I have a mould to make a rans nose cone, this is used on 503. 582. And 912 Give me a call if I can help Mike

Q2 Hi do you have any 182 spats

A2 Cessna spats are not available at this time but I would like to add them to my selection in the future

Q3 Could you make a carbon (or kevelar) fairing from a slightly damaged chopped strand mat example? This is the tail fairing from a Jodel 1050 M

A3 awaiting answer Makings new part for you us sin your chop strand existing part will be no problem, materials and resins are your choice but will vary in price Thanks for your enquiry Mike

Q4 do you have any eurostar ev97 spats?

A4 Eurostar spats are in progress and will soon be available Thank you for the enquiry Mike. 07941850996

Q5 still waiting for an answer regarding question 4, thanks

A5 awaiting answer

Q6 Hello, I have a Steen Skybolt, the wheels are 6.00x600, do you have asuitable sixzed/shape spat? Similar to a Pitts s2a or a RV7? Thanks

A6 Hi if you take a look at the spats in the advert picture,I think that they would fit your wheel size Could you tell me what 600 on the size you sent me represents Many thanks Mike

Q7 Hi, can you make spats for a PA16?

A7 yes I can supply you with the spats you require but need more information on your wheel size Thanks Mike

Q8 Do you make the front mudguard for an Xair ? Thanks Huw

A8 I can supply you with a front mudguard for you Xair The price is £40 which includes postage to anywhere in the uk Thank you for your enquiry Mike 07941850996

Q9 Do you have wheel spats for a mainair blade in red

A9 awaiting answer

Q10 Hi I have seen a complete covering front wheel spat for an Xair, Jim Dawsons, did you make it or can you make one pls. Regards Alasdair.

A10 awaiting answer

Q11 Do you have or can you make any X-Air spats? Thanks Steve

A11 awaiting answer

Q12 Do you have or can you make any X-Air spats? Thanks Steve

A12 Hi Steve Yes I can provide you with Xair Spats Mains £70 Front. £40

Q13 Can you supply wheel spats for a ICP Savannah (classic not VG). How much for all three , it is not fitted with tundra tyres.

A13 Can you please tell me the width of spat you require I have several spats that should be suitable Thanks Mikev

Q14 Spats for Savannah classic? Wheel size aerotrainer 6.00-6 tyres many thanks John 07768 254366

A14 awaiting answer

Q15 Can you do wheel spats for my Jodel D117 please and if so how much. Thanks Vic

A15 awaiting answer

Q16 Can you please check your website address/server, as it is coming up as not found. Have you a guide price for spats for Eurostar EV-97. Thanks

A16 awaiting answer

Q17 Hi can you confirm that you are still making the wheel spats, have phoned your mobile serval times and left a message. Have also tried to view your web site but comes up blank.

A17 awaiting answer

Q18 Hi, are you still making the wheel spats as have phoned your mobile and left message but have not got a reply.

A18 awaiting answer

Q19 Hi Have you got a front wheel spat for a CTSW.

A19 awaiting answer

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