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1/10th Share In Ev97 Eurostar At Wycombe Air Park adid = 32949

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Three-axis Microlights, Shares & Groups | Evektor, ev97 eurostar

1/10th share in EV97 Eurostar at Wycombe Air Park

Due to changes of circumstance and plans I am selling my share in this superb little aircraft
G-CGGM Eurostar based at Wycombe Air Park.

G-CGGM Eurostar details
•Rotax 912UL engine (80hp)
•100mph cruise
•fantastic 360 visibility
•easy light handling
•mode s transponder fitted
•becker panel mounted radio and comms

Low Cost Flying
•£35 per month (covers parking/maintenance/insurance)
•£35 per hour wet (included Wycombe landings)

Great Group
• 10 experienced pilots, no students/training allowed
• well organised, established and friendly group
• great availability (no students hogging the aircraft!)
• online booking system
• online tech log
• strong finances and healthy maintenance fund
• good social opportunities through local club

Good place to fly
•(Wycombe Air Park (click))
• good location
• tarmac and grass runways
• ATC and fire cover
• Fuel
• Clubhouse / Lounge / Viewing area / Shop)
•(Light Sport Flying school (click))
instructors available for validations / conversion / local brief etc
• several other eurostar groups and many pilots.

Spring is around the corner, give me a call and you could be flying her soon !

£4250 ono

Call Ian Parker 07713 355698 / 01635 40614

or email
Send Ian Parker a Secure Message. Contact Details Ian Parker 07713355698 Ask a Question
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