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Non-equity Group With Three Aircraft At Blackbushe adid = 33045

Aviation Photo number 42758
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Beechcraft & Cessna, 150, BE23, BE76

Non Equity group featuring three fantastic aircraft.

Reims Cessna F150M - 150

SEP 100HP, Low time engine with basic avionics suite. suitable for the newer pilot or just for some cost effective flying. Hour builder packages available. New licence holders welcome (even very low hours).

69 per hour

Beechcraft Musketeer Super III - BE23

SEP 200HP Lycoming IO-360-A1B (fuel injected) engine, CP prop, New Garmin 340 Audio panel, SPA400 4 place intercom, Narco 810 COMM, Narco MK12D NAV/COMM, King KR85 ADF, New Garmin 325 Mode S transponder, Bendix/King SKYMAP 3C GPS, STEC30 Autopilot, LED upgraded strobe & nav lights, 2nd Altimeter, ram mount fitted to hold iPad mini displays. It is a real touring aircraft with the ability to carry four adults and plenty of fuel with the powerful 200hp engine and cruises at around 110kts. (Avionics upgrade coming soon - GNS430w etc).

105 Per hour

Beechcraft Duchess - BE76

MEP 2x 180HP Lycoming L/O-360-A1G (counter rotating) engines, fully airways equipped IR panel including- HSI (KCS55A), Dual Needle RMI, Garmin GMA 340 Audio, Garmin GNS430, King KX155 NAV/COMM, King KR87 ADF, King KN64 DME, Garmin GTX330 Mode S, Argos 7000, BX Goodrich Storm Scope, Digital OAT & Shadin Digital Fuel Flow Computer. Fully IFR and airways equipped. Its considered one of the most economical twin aircraft available on the market and is rare in a non-equity setup.

325 Per hour

Membership is 135 per month or 1485 per year

Prices are inclusive of landings at Blackbushe with no hidden costs.

New aircraft being added to the group soon!

All aircraft are in excellent condition and are well maintained and looked after. Get in touch to find out more.

contact: Dan 07580 848484


Send Dan Lassiter a Secure Message. Contact Details Dan: 07580 848484