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Evans Vp-1 Share For Sale-cheap Group Flying adid = 33111

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups, Evans VP-1

The Breighton VP-1 group currently owns two Evans VP-1 aircraft, one of which has an 85hp Jabiru engine and is almost new, having first flown in 2014. The other VP is a standard VP-1 with a Volkswagen 1835cc engine.

G-BVAM (Series 2, Super Veep) with Sonerai Gear and 2.2 Jabiru.
Year of First Permit: 2014
Permit Expiry: October 2015
Engine: Jabiru 2200A (85hp)
Cruise Speed: 80kts

This aircraft is the first of its type to have an electric start Jabiru 2200A in the UK, this modification vastly improves the performance of this aircraft. The aircraft boasts an impressive rate of climb, cruise speed and endurance for a VP-1 and, unlike many VP1s, is a ''''going-places'''' machine. 80kts, 3 hours endurance and a modest fuel burn in the region of 12-14 Litres per hour - very cost effective, fun flying.

Year of First Permit: 1973
With the newer aircraft (G-BVAM) now complete, G-BAAD is currently out of the air and undergoing deep maintenance and improvement work.
Engine: Volkswagen 1835cc

Breighton-based syndicate (See Real Aeroplane Club, Breighton) monthly group fees are 30pcm. This fund covers insurance and hangarage of the aircraft as well as an engine fund, no hidden costs, put fuel in and fly. Very friendly group with excellent availability!

Share cost - 1000 - Offers considered

Relocation due to work commitments forces a very reluctant sale of my share in this excellent syndicate. Would suit open-cockpit enthusiast, hour builder or social flier!
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