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Fishburn Airfield Clubhouse Launch 16th / 17th May adid = 33184

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Fly-in, For Sale

Join us to celebrate the launch of the new Fishburn airfield clubhouse!

16-17th May 2015

/ Overnight camping (Saturday evening)

/ 1940s RAF truck bar

/ Flying display Twisters (weather permitting) on Saturday afternoon.

/ Evening live hangar band

/ Ceremonial burning of old clubhouse wood

/ Caf food, outside BBQ and refreshments available all weekend

/ 5 Landing fee for the Great North Air Ambulance Service

/ Large car parking field for those not arriving by air

Visiting by road;

- Fishburn Airfield, West House Farm, Garmondsway, Ferryhill, Co. Durham DL17 9DY

- Look out for the temporary sign post

Information for visiting aircraft;

- Fishburn Radio 118.275

- Durham Radar 118.850

- Avoid overflying local villages

- Runways 08L and 26R (circuits to the North)

- No overhead joins


- The airfield will not be available for landing for a fifteen minute period between 1200-1400 for the Twisters display

On the ground (see diagram above);

- Overnight parking/camping to the north side

- No departures until 1200hrs on Saturday (to assist incoming traffic flow)

- Hold A and B will be in place to assist crossing the bottle neck at hangar 9.
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