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Aerobatic Glos Airtourer 150hp adid = 33220

Aviation Photo number 43097
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | 25000 ono

Glos Airtourer 150HP a good all round comfortable two seat sport aircraft with heater."Superb, characterful aircraft. The Airtourer is quite a gem. There are not that many of them about, so if you get the chance to try or buy ... go for it!" - Pilot magazine, December 2012
Flown to second place in the Air Squadron 4 min free stile in front of the pitts specials enterd. +6g -3g, 150 HP, 140 MPH cruise,Fixed Pitch Prop,Total time engine and airframe 2230HRS. 314 HRS since new camshaft, tappets, bearings, crankshaft plated, rebored, new pistons,oil pump,filter,and prop referb.
These make great syndicate aircraft due to their fantastic flexibility. There are not many aircraft that can be used for touring, fly at night, fly IMC or aerobatics by pilots with an NPPL or EASA license. Would consider taking midget mustang in part exchange.

Tel 01544230699 leave a message I will call you back
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There are 4 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 A guideline price would be useful ! !

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Dear Sir Is the price of 2500.00 correct ? Neil

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 Hi. I see it is non EASA. What restrictions does this impose on operation? Can you still fly to Europe on a EASA PPL? What are the annual servicing / arc renewal costs? Is this price of 2500.00 correct? Cheers

A3 awaiting answer hi the arc renewal has just been completed which included a modification the cost was £1650. as it is now established on arc the pilot is allowed to do the work under supervision. as far as I know you operate the same as a laa aircraft.the price is £2500

Q4 Hi Given that the aircraft is named the Airtourer, is there a decent amount of space & payload for luggage? Thanks Jeff

A4 awaiting answer