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Tailwheel Share West Berkshire adid = 33395

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

I have an underutilised Jab powered Avid. Considering offering a share or two. Have owned this A/C for 4-5 years and it is sorted! Initially well built and subsequently well maintained.

One of the better Jab installations, 14l/hr mogas 65l capacity. Cruise 80Kt. Panel radio, headsets, permanent Skydemon, mode S, flow meter, digital panel, electric trim. Permit from 1st May.

I work so can only use it evenings and weekends. In a nice hanger on a 600m well drained all year grass strip near J13 of M4.

Only looking to share with a couple of others to maintain good availability for all. Should work out around 60pcm and 15hr dry. Interested? got some tail wheel experience? Give me a buzz.

Unfortunately this is not a Microlight but requires a light aircraft license.
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