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Pa-28 Archer 2 Share Shoreham (egka)2000 adid = 33651

Aviation Photo number 43842
Views so far = 3733

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | 2000

Exceptionally well run, well funded group based at Shoreham. PA28-181 Archer II 4-Seat Tourer. Hangered at Shoreham Airport. 120kt Cruise, ideal for trips across the UK and Europe.
Paintwork strip and respray in 2012, Upholstery completely refurbished in 2012 (leather). Internet Booking your own dedicated day per month, and good availability for trips.
Monthly Cost 68.40 Hourly Rate Wet 90 plus VAT
FUll Garmin IFR FIT - call to view or for full spec sheet with photos
Send Andy Barber a Secure Message. Contact Details 01293 881749 Mob 07746 197420 Ask a Question