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Share In Robin Dr400-180 Regent adid = 33710

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Robin, DR400 REGENT

Share for sale in Robin DR400 Regent

Fitted with 180 Horse Power Lycoming 0-360, which was 0 time overhauled by Nicholson Maclaren last winter. Currently has just over 50 hours since overhaul.

500Kg payload. Will carry 4 adults and full fuel off grass, and climb away at 800fpm when fully loaded. Cruise up to 130kts.

Airframe is in great condition, having been stripped and overhauled, recovered and repainted in 2005.

Standard avionics fit, with Nav/Comm, Transponder etc.

Based and hangared at Bicester Airfield, Oxfordshire.

Share price 5,000 ono, and 65 per month. Flying charged at 25 per hour DRY, syndicate members cover their own fuel.

Contact Mike, or 07788 986362 to arrange viewing.
Send Mike Pettican a Secure Message. Contact Details