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Cirrus Sr20 G2 (2006) For Hire (turweston) adid = 33733

Aviation Photo number 43956
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cirrus, SR20

2006 Cirrus SR20 G2, Light aircraft for hire.

On G-Register with Avidyne PFD/MFD, twin GNS430, KN63 DME, GTX330 mode S, ELT, STEC55X, WX500 stormscope, Emax. Very well maintained. 1150 h TT AF/Engine. Great tourer for longer flights. Liferaft available.

Rental £200 / hr wet, no monthly. Or lower rate + monthly. Based on flight time (airborne to touchdown on the aircraft flight meter) plus 0.1 hours for taxi.

Pilots with > 200h total welcome, subject to named pilot insurance, 5 hr minimum conversion if no Cirrus time.

For more pics search G-MCLN on Google images.

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Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07713 342447

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Good Evening, Is this still available to rent? Many Thanks Jan

A1 awaiting answer