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Pegasus Quik 912 1 Half Share adid = 33833

Aviation Photo number 44083
Aviation Photograph 2
Aviation Photograph 3
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Weightshift Microlights, Shares & Groups | P AND M AVIATION LTD, 912 | £7,000

still available 21/3/2016 Here is a lovely Quik 912 1/2 share, it is kept fully rigged
at Stretton Warrington.Airframe 192.25 hours and engine 197.45 hours

Its Permit Validity Expiry:23/11/2016
it is in excellent condition
Send steve jones a Secure Message. Contact Details 07736505086 Ask a Question


There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hello, Has your share sold? Also how much per month is hangerage and insurance etc. Are you a regular flyer ? Many thanks Sean

A1 Hi Sean the share has not yet sold (as from 18/07/2015) yes I am a regular flyer and the hanger is 50 each if you need to discuss anything with me please call me on 07736505086 Your insurance will go on how many hours you have Steve