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Hangar For Sale Sold Thanks To Afors adid = 33929

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Hangarage and Tie down space, For Sale

Airfield closure forces sale of two hangars.
The T Hangar was designed to be removable, is wooden framed with tantalised timber, and clad in box section steel. Dimensions approx 10 m opening, by 4 m deep in wing area, and 3 m deep by 4 m wide tail area. 2.5 m high at opening reducing to 2 m at tail end. Designed around a Jodel 1050, full plans available for simplicity. Materials alone cost �3000.
The poly tunnel is 8 m opening by 10 m deep.
Both have been used on a very exposed site for several years.
All offers considered.
Located on a strip near Wellesbourne, Buyer to dismantle and remove.
Contact Roger on 07770 533 774 or

Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07770533774