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Online Booking System. adid = 34236

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Training, Clubs & training

Price reduction!!! Price from £5.99

Flight Training Management Software

Online Flying School software.
Online booking system.
Designed to save you time on invoicing aircraft Usage/ Rental.

Try our demo online at

Please call 07766404284 for login details and guidance on use.

Available features

Online instruction manual when you get stuck.

Customisable and easily integrated to your own website.

User/Student Management-Record User/Student details and allow access to booking system.

Student Training Records - holds student training history. View of training progress so far, including exams and solo training flights.

Aircraft - can hold multiple aircraft. Upload aircraft document images. View remaining hours for the 50 hour check. Print and view tech logs.

Aircraft booking system - allow users to book aircraft. Admin can book students lessons or allow students to book. Booking can be individual, bi-weekly or monthly. Select aircraft and instructor for booking.

Bookings can be listed by aircraft, instructor or user. Can be emailed to each.
Multi slot booking for long periods or maintenance periods.

Student flights - complete flight details are added.

Invoices can be prepared and printed or emailed to the student/user

Tech logs can be viewed or printed

Aircraft Rentals.
After flight, pilot can enter all flight details . Admin can verify details and then send invoice by email.
Tech log is maintained automatically when data is updated.

User/student can view all his/her flights.

For further details please call Sell Tahsin 07766 404284 or email

Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07766404284

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